Hafa Adai


Taking its name from Portland's airport code and the island of Guam's area code, PDX671 is a food cart that fuses seasonal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with flavors and cooking techniques of Guam. 

2016 Festival of the Pacific Arts - Ed's Recap

An eye-opening expo of Pacific Island culture, FestPac is probably the greatest forum for Pacific Island nations to recognize our similarities, and respectfully acknowledge the differences that make each of our island cultures unique. 

I am honored to have been chosen as a Diaspora Delegate for Guam. The only draw back, if any, was not having enough time to witness more of history unfolding. Dancing, music, spoken word, art galleries, crafts, blacksmithing, weaving, body ornamentation, seafaring traditions, historic performances, and film premiers, FestPac and Guam were spilling over with culture. 

Traveling back home to Guam and participating in such a life changing, island changing, event has helped me to better recognize my own identity. Showcasing the food of our culture, the Chamorro culture, alongside other principal chefs and delegates of Guam was priceless. I draw immense inspiration from the other chefs, as I witness first hand the passion that drives them, and how our Chamorro culture is so much a part of their everyday lives. 

I am re-grounded by this trip, excited again to spread my culture through food, and confident, more so now, as we move forward with new growth. Si Yu'os Ma'ase' to everyone!

PDX671 : Popping Up with Guam Food at Expatriate

Portland Monthly Eat Beat Announcement

On Tuesday, September 1, PDX671 hosted two sessions of our pop-up dinner at Expatriate. We were able to treat 40 paying guests to our rare and unique dining experience.

We'd like to acknowledge Kyle Webster, Naomi Pomeroy, and Nathan Cheek for presenting us with this very special opportunity and allowing us to use your space.

This was our third pop-up dinner and by far, the best one yet. We enjoyed every minute of the evening, from plating dishes to meeting friends. We are so grateful, humbled and honored to have explored our potential within Expatriate.

The food of the Marianas is unlike any other, and this night, we demonstrated the potential it has. Our food has a voice that is worth listening to. And we’re glad you were listening. Si Yu’os Ma’ase!
— Ed Sablan