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Taking its name from Portland's airport code and the island of Guam's area code, PDX671 is a food cart that fuses seasonal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with flavors and cooking techniques of Guam. 

PDX671 : Popping Up with Guam Food at Expatriate

Portland Monthly Eat Beat Announcement

On Tuesday, September 1, PDX671 hosted two sessions of our pop-up dinner at Expatriate. We were able to treat 40 paying guests to our rare and unique dining experience.

We'd like to acknowledge Kyle Webster, Naomi Pomeroy, and Nathan Cheek for presenting us with this very special opportunity and allowing us to use your space.

This was our third pop-up dinner and by far, the best one yet. We enjoyed every minute of the evening, from plating dishes to meeting friends. We are so grateful, humbled and honored to have explored our potential within Expatriate.

The food of the Marianas is unlike any other, and this night, we demonstrated the potential it has. Our food has a voice that is worth listening to. And we’re glad you were listening. Si Yu’os Ma’ase!
— Ed Sablan

PDX671 Pop-Up for Archbishop Howard School

A Pop-Up Dinner presents an opportunity for me to break away from the daily routine at the cart and get a little more creative with the food. I can experiment with possible menu items and try out new recipes. It is a time for me to have fun and let loose, yet still focus on technique and flavors I find unique to the island. The people who attend these dinners are allowed the chance to experience a little bit more than what I offer at the food cart.
— Ed Sablan

On Saturday, May 30, PDX671 hosted a pop-up dinner for 10. It was a donated auction item for Archbishop Howard School at St. Rose. None of the attendees - parents of students from the school - had ever been to the cart… nor were they familiar with Guamanian food. The evening presented  a nice opportunity to introduce and showcase our island flavors while venturing past what is routinely served at the food cart.

Jason holds up our 6 course menu for the evening. Photo ©2015 Rodith Limtiaco

Jason holds up our 6 course menu for the evening.
Photo ©2015 Rodith Limtiaco

PDX671 typically offers Guam food found at most fiestas. Creating pop-up menu items is a chance to break away from that and develop combinations of flavors that aren't usually found on the island, but lend themselves more to Portland's food... it's seasonal. Our previous pop-up dinner had a winter aspect, held together by a coconut theme (the coconut was used as an ingredient throughout all dishes). This dinner definitely had a more summer inspiration.

The evening was gorgeous in Portland that night and everything went wonderfully. Our guests genuinely enjoyed themselves and were surprised in delight. It was such a pleasure to support Archbishop Howard School and be able to raise awareness about our culture and food.

As a receiptant of such a most amazing dinner all I can say is hats off to Ed, Marie and team for one of the most amazing meals EVER - you is truly another one of the hidden gems of NE PORTLAND!!!! thank you for a fantastic evening and thanks for your support of the other treasure of the neighborhood - Archbishop Howard School at St. Rose.
— Rosemary
I don’t even know where to start - the dinner was such a treasure to experience. The flavors and presentation were out of this world. Thank you for hosting this dinner and I can’t wait to have more dinner parties at your location.
— Lisa

Special thanks to Yvonne Sablan and Rodith Limtiaco for photography.
All respective photos ©2015 Yvonne Sablan or ©2015 Rodith Limtiaco.

For more information about PDX671 Pop-Up Dinners, please email guahan@pdx671.com with the subject: PDX671 POP-UP