Catered Event: Tannins and Terpenes

Si Yu’os Ma’ase 🇬🇺 Thank you Oregon Leaf, The Northwest Leaf, & Louisa Satori for including us in the night’s festivities. We had a great time serving some Chamorro bites at Tannins and Terpenes!

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We enjoyed your food at the event! Keep up the great work my friend!
— Flight Lounge
Private Event: Michael & Juanita's Wedding Reception

It was so great to be back cooking at Tournant . If you didn’t already know, it was a few months over a year ago when we first met Julia Raymond and began working through Feastly to hold our pop-up dinners. Those first few meals were held right here in this very special place!

On another note — we’d like to wish Michael & Juanita many blessed and love-filled years together. Congratulations to you newlyweds!! Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. Biba! 

🇬🇺️🇬🇺🇬🇺 ️️️Michael & Juanita’s wedding reception was hosted through Feastly Portland. Don't miss out on another celebration. Visit or link to and request Ed Sablan. 🇬🇺️🇬🇺️🇬🇺 ️Biba!

Ed and his staff is ‘AMAZING’, the food presentation was a ‘Kodak Moment’, and the customer service they provided to all the guest was professional and a lot of smiles. Everyone enjoyed their meals which had a ‘blast’ of flavors and the chicken breast was so moist!
— Robin C.
Biba! Food of Guam's Summer Feast

Enjoying Food of Guam means enjoying the company of friends and family. This meal featured some great Chamorro food favorites; the must-try dishes for new friends, and must-have dishes for those islanders at heart. Special thanks to Wes, Finn, and Aubrey over at Zenbu Lounge for all your help making this celebration happen. And to all who were able to join us for dinner… Si Yu'os Ma'ase! We love you guys!!  

Thanks for sharing your family style meal! It was warm and intimate.
— Jessica G.
Awesome food and so much of it! Everything was tasty.
— Susan S.

Biba! Food of Guam's Summer Feast

Always a great evening with incredible food! Every aspect of this evening was worth way more than I paid. The flavors, the setting, the love, all made for a fantastic evening. Thank you Ed for sharing your talent with us!
— Julio A.

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