Hafa Adai


Taking its name from Portland's airport code and the island of Guam's area code, PDX671 is a food cart that fuses seasonal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with flavors and cooking techniques of Guam. 


Our next Food of Guam
dinner is coming up.
Join us on September 24!

This Food of Guam dinner on the 24th will pay tribute to my mother-in-law and my dad – whose birthdays are during the month of September. It is a meal that will feature both Filipino and Chamorro influences on PDX671's cuisine.

From fruit salad to pancit (fiesta favorites done my way)… to tinala' katne (Chamorro dried beef) served with pickled papaya… then on to aroskadu (mostly of Filipino influence), the meal is sure to take you back in time and provide comfort. We'll end it with something sweet and fun – a cheesecake gelato served with boñelos åga (banana donuts).

Come celebrate life and the Food of Guam. Spread the word… First time feasters can use Promo Code: IMHUNGRY for 20% off.

Biba! Si Yu'os Ma'ase… I hope to see you there!

PDX671 Food Cart

PDX671 at Rose City Food Park

5235 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97213


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