Hafa Adai


Taking its name from Portland's airport code and the island of Guam's area code, PDX671 is a food cart that fuses seasonal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest with flavors and cooking techniques of Guam. 

Finatinas | Prepared Food

Located in the North Pacific Ocean, Guam is the closest US territory to Asia. It has been privy to foreign cultures and their food for almost 5 centuries. When we think of food from Guam, it is impossible to overlook the complex cultural diversity that exists within our community. Chamorro food has flourished with the contributions of Filiipino, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, American and many other cultures. It is this diversity that brings us together and allows our cuisine to remain a celebrated part of our families. We look forward to the evolving preservation of Guamanian cuisine for future generations!

Fina'dene' – Commonly made with soy sauce, lemon, chili peppers and onions, Fina’dene’ is a balanced blend of flavors at the heart of our cuisine – the Chamorro sauce for almost everything.


Featured Dishes (Clockwise from Top Left): Atulen Elotes, Titiyas, Kelaguen, Empanada