The Flavor Is an Explosion

“At least once a month, at his Food of Guam pop-up, Guam-born chef Ed Sablan cooks an unholy feast of Chamorran cuisine from ribs to fiery ceviche—a wild mix of foods of flavors at the confluence of Asian and Latin cultures. But at his food cart in the Rose City pod on Northeast Sandy, Sablan quietly serves some of the most delicious food in Portland…”

71 More Meals to Put in Your Mouth For Under 15 Dollars – MATTHEW KORFHAGE for Willamette Week


We Asked 20 Portland Chefs and Foodies: What Tastes Like Home? (Portland Monthly)

What Tastes Like Home?

“This is my corn soup, not my mom or dad’s version. It’s comforting, light, and uplifting. And pretty simple: corn, chicken, lemon, good quality coconut milk ... everything else is little accents that I’ve thrown in along the way to refine it. Like caramelized onions. They take forever, like 9 hours on the stove. I get them like they’re almost candy and they do something to the soup that I really like. All the elements are cooked separately, then I add them together in a big hug.”

We Asked 20 Portland Chefs and Foodies: What Tastes Like Home? – Ed Sablan, to Kelly Clarke for Portland Monthly


Food that Delights Both Longtime Fans and First-Timers

"Opening a food cart was a way to get the cuisine its recognition, educate people about where Guam is, what the culture's all about…"

Bread & Brew: Pop-up dinners now part of dining month – Ed Sablan, to Jennifer Anderson for Portland Tribune


A Riot of Flavors and a Wealth of Food

“Most at the table—sated and a little tipsy from bottles of wine they've brought from home, with no need to pay for corkage—relent happily after three beautifully meaty spareribs. Then word travels: Some guy down the table has seven bones on his plate and refuses to stop eating… At chef Ed Sablan's new Food of Guam pop-up, nobody leaves hungry. And nobody finishes the family plate.”

Suddenly, Portland's Pop-Ups are Fun and Cheap. Here Are Our Five New Favorites. – Matthew Korfhage for WILLAMETTE WEEK


Thank you Ed Sablan

“Carts are for kids, but I make an exception for the unseen-elsewhere-in-town Guamanian specialty called kelaguen mannok, chopped chicken with coconut, chilies and magic. Thank you Ed Sablan for bringing your home island specialties to town.”

Best Meals of 2016 – Michael Zusman for Portland Food & Drink


Moved to Tears of Joy (Pacific Daily News)

Sharing the Food of Guam

“You know the kind of happy, triumphant crying tears, the kind you get after watching ‘Rocky,’ ‘The Champ’ or even ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus?’…That’s how I felt while seeing Ed Sablan’s Portland food truck PDX671 getting the closing feature on Guy Fieri’s ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ last week.”

Moved to tears of joy – Jojo Santo Tomas for Guam's Pacific Daily News


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives  (The Food Network)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (The Food Network)

Triple D and the Food Network

“Off the hook!
…The Guam-Bomb-Dot-Com!
…You are the champion. This is awesome!”

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Season 18, Episode 4 "Cannoli, Fritters and Wings") – guy Fieri for The Food Network


Legendary Guamanian Food Cart

“The legendary Guamanian food cart has bestowed its vote of confidence in Rose City, and it's as solid as I remember it from the early days in Overlook's North Station pod. In my mind the kélaguen mannok is their signature dish: a delicious cold grilled chicken salad with coconut, peppers, onion, scallion, and lemon—a spicy, meticulously prepared, and refreshing meal for one.”

One Size Feeds All: Rose City Perfects the Cart Pod –Chris onstad for Portland Mercury


PDX671 Crew with the EatMobile Judge's Choice Award

At the Top of the List

“PDX 671's Linechen Gollai – The surprise favorite dish at Eat Mobile was spinach in coconut milk. But, like, so much better. ”

The It List: The Top 10 Things in Portland and the World – Casey jarman and the WW Arts & Culture Staff


Food of the People: Portland's Food Cart Revolution (Saveur magazine)

Well Beyond America's Mobile Dining Trend

"…Originality stems from the way they express something personal about the owners and where they come from… I had never come across any of these dishes before, anywhere in America."



The Food Lover's Guide to Global Foods (Portland Monthly)

A Revelation from Guam

“Kélaguen Mannok with Titiyas – It’s a revelation from Guam: a neat chop of cold chicken, each bite an ecstatic tingle of lemon, smoky char, and Thai chiles. Scoop it all up with warm titiyas—the buttery, flaky love child of a tortilla and coconut milk. "

The Food Lover’s Guide to Global Foods – KAREN BROOKS FOR PORTLAND MONTHLY


Exciting New Tastes, Done Incredibly Well

“It would be foolish to even try to name a single cart as the best, no-miss destination in all of Portland, but, amidst the great clamor, PDX671 emerges as an example of a place that's doing everything right: a short menu of exciting new tastes, done incredibly well, for an eminently reasonable price, with a minimum of gimmickry.”