PDX671 at Pickathon

Pickathon was awesome – 4 days of great of music on various stages throughout the festival grounds. There were a lot of vendors selling food, drinks, hats, boots, and various band merch. There was even a pizza place selling slices in the middle of the woods! They had a family area where kids and everyone could gather and watch a small circus of performers, and join in on the fun afterwards. The kids had a lot of fun activities to do throughout the days. That was cool. There were also morning yoga sessions and even late night stand-up comedy. And the nights were spectacular as well. There were colorful lights everywhere, illuminating the venues, the many trails, and the canopy of sails over the main area.

We saw quite a few bands throughout our stay, took a few walks through the woods, met some really interesting people, saw some old friends, and ate some amazing food, including some of the food being featured at Pickathon’s Curation dining area. The Pickathon Curation Series is where a local chef is paired up with a performing band for one night of great music and great food, in a more intimate setting. The area where the dinners were set up included a small stage, outdoor kitchen, and long tables for about 100 people. There was also a bar, featuring signature beer and cocktails for the evening. The whole space was amazing, warm, and inviting.

When I was asked to be a part of the Curation Series at Pickathon, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. I didn’t know how it was all gonna go down, but I had a feeling we were gonna love it. I have to admit that I did get a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Sometimes I get so focused on making something perfect that it never gets finished. The idea is there, I know the steps I need to take, but it doesn’t get done because in my eyes...it’s just not ready yet. So at this past Pickathon, I embraced the unknown, dropped the perfectionist goal, and went into it just being myself and cooking from the soul. And it was awesome. PDX671 went there to share our Chamorro culture with everyone, and feed them some amazing food while they listened to The Black Pumas, a soulful, rockin’ band from Austin. 

We ended up experiencing a magical combination of music and food and wonderful people. We shared a part of our culture during a truly inspiring experience and walked away with so much gratitude for everyone there and especially those who cheered us on through our first Pickathon experience.

I feel that eating, dining is a communal experience and that's something I grew up with on Guam. The Pickathon Curation experience embodied this ideal absolutely. As we wrapped up dinner and it got later, I couldn’t help but think of what an amazing time we all just had. That evening, as we layed in our tent, I closed my eyes and pictured all the wonderful times still to be had. After all, we’re just getting started. 


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